Bill Jack, conservative Republican leader, long-time educator, and co-founder of a national Christian education organization, announced his campaign for Colorado House District 45. Mr. Jack ran for this same state house seat in 2022 as a first-time candidate, winning more than 78 percent of the delegate votes at the Republican County Assembly and nearly 44 percent of the Republican primary vote.

“The problems we face have become even worse since I first ran for HD45 in 2022 so I am once again running to represent the Republican grassroots voters who make our district great. Our hardworking neighbors deserve a strong grassroots leader who will willingly and happily fight for the unborn, the 2nd Amendment, smaller government and all the conservative values we hold so dear,” stated Jack.

“The decision to run again in 2024 came as I saw sell-out Republican insiders once again promoting a say-anything candidate who represents the big-government interests of the political establishment, not the everyday conservative voters who I care about,” continued Jack.

“Committed to the caucus process, our campaign is focusing on door-to-door grassroots involvement to mobilize and support the hard-working families of HD 45. We are fed up with the radical left and the RINOs who empower them to push more and more out-of-control government spending and regulation of our private lives.

It's time that HD 45 once again has a state representative who will represent the conservative values of 'We the People' at the Capitol in Denver,” concluded Bill Jack.

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