Speaking as a proud Libertarian, so here we are months down the road in our latest proxy war with the tide of battle flowing back and forth, ceremonial contributions from NATO members, China, Iran and Syria supporting Russia, and our “President” throwing money at it (instead of Afghanistan!) STILL trying in vain to put lipstick on a pig.

Apparently, India, our “ally” de jour, is STILL Russia's biggest oil consumer and China is second.

Apparently / allegedly, the problem they're NOT talking about is the very different goals of each of the players. Ukraine wants to kick Russia out of Ukraine & Crimea, NATO just wants to stop them from invading Eastern Europe, and we (per Biden) only want to drive Russia back to the pre-invasion border. Gee, . . . I wonder what would happen if we were all on the same page?

Oh, and by the way, where duh hell is the United Nations that we've been bankrolling since 1945 and is supposed to be intervening on behalf of the ENTIRE world to coalesce around a common goal of world peace? Oh yeah, right! Don't hold your breath!

Surprise, Surprise, Africa, Asia, Australia and South America are STILL (you guessed it!) all MIA.

I sure don't like doing anything to restrain free trade, but you've still got to use the weapons you have instead of the ones you wish you had. And there is still more than one way to defeat an aggressor. If you can bankrupt their economy, without doing the same thing to yours, it's a good thing.

So what would happen if ALL Americans (and the whole world too for that matter!) started boycotting EVERYTHING from Russia and China, including oil, minerals, vodka, tic-tok, medication, textiles, cell phones, et cetera?

Are you REALLY willing to continue trusting China to make YOUR medication after all the Fentanyl they've sent over here?

And what would happen if we were to cut the taxes and regulations that sent the social media, cellphone, pharmaceutical, textile, et cetera industries over to China in the first place (after Clinton gave them Most Favored Nation status) and empowered “evil big business” to build new facilities in the U.S. and staff them with Americans? Would that be too proactive? Yes, it would likely be a bit more pricy. But which would you rather do? Put Americans to work or send billions of YOUR tax dollars to Ukraine and China?

As long as we just wring our hands, chant the woe is me mantra, and borrow money to shovel at it as fast as possible, Russia and China don't really have a problem and will continue to do whatever they please. And how many times do we have to either dive headlong into or get drug into yet another proxy war before we wise up and decide not to play? Stay tuned folks!