Interesting stuff with the 1400 KRLN Right Side radio show today (05-24-23). I have given a lot of money to support this show, but that is just my perception. Money is relative these days. Was very surprised when it was used to attack a couple of Letter to the Editor submissions I wrote, for a local paper. Anyone within the Republican Central Committee and who reads the paper knows who they were talking about. In my opinion and observation, it was an attempt to destroy my reputation by using airtime for this. If they were going to do that it would have been proper to have me on to provide my reasoning for these letters. Melissa repeatedly referred to how they only want the facts to be heard, not disinformation. Character assassination as she cherry picks a word from one letter, and a phrase from another. Her focus was on the word resign when I should have used the word retirement. I should have just used the word 'leaving.' One of my letters dealt with what I perceived to be an amazing coincidence of people finding out (those not in the clique) about Magistrate Judge Meyrick leaving sometime in the future, right after the Colorado Supreme Court accepted an appeal. This appeal is by the DA against a decision he and District Judge Kaitlin Turner were apart of reference discovery and sanctions. An interesting fact is the Supreme Court only accepts about 5 percent of such show cause appeals (as provided by a retired DA in a KRDO story). This indicates to me that the appeal has merit. Judge Turner and the Public Defender were ordered to respond to the court.

By focusing on this one word, the implication was the entire letter was disinformation, which it isn't. Trying to smear and besmirch the entire letter, and my credibility over one word. Calling it disinformation. Going on and on about only wanting the facts and about twisted information. Pathetic. She didn't mention the letter was re-tracked and a noted revision submitted after the mistake was found. If she does this to me, when will it be your turn?

When the show talked about the funding of the DAs Office aspect, it was not the entire article. Just a small segment of it to imply it only referred to the present DA's Office. The Commissioners have not adequately funded multiple past DA administrations. In their last board meeting, they used the excuse of a technicality that the request from DA Stanley wasn't submitted correctly. This was during the cyberattack (one of the reasons they seemed to give for not dealing with it). Remember when DA LeDoux threatened to sue them over the budget? Wish he had followed through with it. The Commissioners get paid very well (last I heard more than $100K a year, and that is with all the middle management they put in place). How about doing more and taking some initiative and helping to protect our community? Get the job done. Instead, they pipe up with technicalities. I remember years back when Grantham said the state only partially pays for the DA, and the counties are expected to pick-up the rest as an unfunded mandate (remembered that the more he talks). They didn't want to do that. This is at the county's expense of decreased safety. Sad stuff.

The radio show didn't read or provide any information about the interview/news article for the Crusader, nor the separate official statement made to KRDO (yeah Melissa two not one). These media interactions were provided by the DA to the media on separate issues. From my perspective and experiences, this whole matter about the DA started out due to a need for vengeance. It has worked its way into a vendetta mind set. Not good or healthy for the county. Instigating the public and media against a DA dealing with: inadequate staffing; inadequate budget (which has afflicted at least three prior DA Offices before her); blaming her for discovery issues many of which belong on Turner's administration; being blamed for PR bonds and people getting out of jail when it is the Judges who had the final decision and responsibility.

They don't want anyone to remind them about Dustin Mitchell. Dustin Mitchell was a frequent flyer and the Judge refused to listen to pre-trial services or the objections of the DA. The Judge decided to let this person out on another PR bond. He then gets involved in a burglary, domestic with a girl, and stabs a person who put himself in harm's way to protect others. The victim was stabbed, and he died. Murdered by a person allowed out on a PR bond by the Judge.

But wait, didn't they also go after another DA? DA Chisholm, in my individual opinion, was used as a scapegoat for the Commissioners' atrocious handling of the Katie Barr County Clerk pay day loan debacle. Why didn't the Commissioners immediately turn the issue of funds being used inappropriately and not being paid back (fraud?) over to Law Enforcement. Law Enforcement should have dealt with this right away. Everyone's name who cashed checks at the County Clerk's Office, amounts and dates were never made public. Wonder why? When were these loans eventually paid back? They used our tax dollars for these 'loans.' Reminds me of Florence.

On a separate issue from the show, there is an accusation of the DA's Office sealing cases which were dismissed. Implying the DA sealed them to hide it from the public. Most, if not all, those cases were sealed by the judge at the defendant's request. And most, if not all, against prosecutor objections. But don't let the facts get in the way. Drive-by media on display. I had to resign from the Executive Committee Board because the State GOP Chairman Dave Williams called and asked ALL board members to be neutral on the DA matter until the state investigation is complete and a decision on the appeal is made. Both a prudent and wise request.

Unfortunately, I could not keep my mouth shut because I felt it wasn't right, with the mob (including two other members of the board) going after the DA. So I decided it was appropriate for me to submit my resignation from the board (you can use the word retire Melissa, I won't mind). The two I mentioned wanted me off the board anyway, along with taking all my other volunteer assignments from me. Hoped if I resigned from the board, they would be happy. Not so, seems they want blood because I disagree with them, the commissioners, and the sheriff in what they are doing. But then of course, I also have a big mouth. Why the long letter? Because I have no doubt about how I have seen them treat other people, they will probably come after me. In fact, getting me out of Republican HQ and going after me on the radio is probably just the start. Wanted to have it down in writing.

Wake up people. We need to start attending the School and Commissioner Board meetings, and insisting they find actual solutions to problems. Don't believe everything they say. Demand to see documents so you can confirm and verify. We need to help the Judicial System work (Courts/District Attorney/Law Enforcement). When you hire more Police Officers/Deputy Sheriffs, you need more Prosecutors and jail space. It is a triangular relationship that needs to be kept balanced or big problems can happen. Just the reality of the situation. Unfortunately, the legislature is giving Public Defenders a big increase in their budget. Don't let our county officials continue to kick the can down the road and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on pet projects. Their first duty is to protect us.

Derrick Houska

Fremont County