Speaking as a proud Libertarian with no dog in this fight, now that we have SEEN what passes for “justice” in New York, what rational person would have any logical reason to trust ANY “judge” ever again?

Don't they ALL allege that they're ALL singing to the same “constitutional” song sheet, justice is “blind,” “due process” is imperative, et cetera? Haven't they demonstrated by their ACTIONS that they can no longer be trusted? What possible motivation would you or I ever have to believe that “justice” is any better or different in Pueblo, Boulder, or (OMG!) DENVER than New York? After all, they're all liberal / progressive / deceitocrat towns with no morals or scruples. “Oh, it's just politics. And besides, Trump's an expletive deleted, so it's okay.” Sound familiar? This is how it starts, but where does it end?

Clarity can ALWAYS be found by simply reversing the roles and imagining yourself or Biden as the recipient of “duh judges” version of “justice.”

Since the “judge” is willing and eager to rationalize selectively choosing which laws and which diversions from the constitution he's willing to enforce, we can no longer rely on any “judge” for “fairness” or “impartiality” with or without the resources Trump was compelled to spend. What else can we no longer trust them to do? What's to deter them from targeting any citizen with the “wrong” political affiliation? If they'll rationalize getting Trump, they'll rationalize getting you.

Are you sure you're willing to trust their alleged “character,”, “integrity,” “impartiality” or “judicial restraint.” It d**n sure as h**l didn't deter the New York “judge” from rationalizing his actions.

And what consequence will “duh judge” incur for having rationalized his blatantly biased actions when the case is finally overturned YEARS from now? Personally, I'd like to see the constitution crammed down “duh judges' ” throat on the courthouse steps while being beaten soundly about the head and shoulders with the statue of blind justice.

Is it even safe to show up for jury duty anymore without fear of retribution if you're one of those with the “wrong” political affiliation? Who knows? All bets are off now! If they'll rationalize getting Trump, they'll rationalize getting you.

The old saying goes: Before you seek revenge, you must first dig two graves. Be careful what you wish for, vote for, tolerate, condone, rationalize, excuse, . . ., you may just get it in ways you never would have imagined in your worst nightmare. What goes around, comes around.