Our country is being destroyed by long-term undercover operations driven largely by foreign governments with corrupt politician allies, together with large businesses and universities that want into the large, growing, Chinese market. Their goal is worldwide rule by China. Part of their plan is to destroy what common culture we had, breaking us apart on racial and microcultural lines. Another is to destroy our currency, productivity and economy. Another is to fool us into disarming. While we can do little as individuals to stop this, we can improve our chances of surviving the storm by prepping.

Prepping personal finances is important because not are financial emergencies common even in normal times, but we also need cash to prep. Last week, we discussed budgeting based on our personal cash flow statement and balance sheet. We prepared an initial budget using past monthly cash flows plus prorated estimated quarterly and yearly items, then revised by adding maintenance reserves. We also cut expenses by refinancing to lower interest expense, replacing restaurant lunches with microwave meals and similar.

Balancing and Updating Budgets

Balancing Budgets

If the budget shows a deficit (income less than expenses), we must reduce expenses further, or increase income. A surplus of income over expenses is needed for prepping, for savings and enjoying stress-free life. While reducing expenses we must be reasonable. Food allocations must allow for daily fresh or frozen vegetables and protein although high-cost ribeye and tenderloin may go. Utility allocations must allow for winter heating to at least the 60s. We must also be reasonable about plans for increasing income. While some may be able to work overtime to gain extra cash, too much overtime is not only stressful, but devastates family relationships and prevents recreation. For some, if all else fails, there may be benefits that can be applied for.

If still out of balance, consider trading down homes or cars, or sell things. Use proceeds to reduce interest expense. Beware-many used items (like clothes) bring little.

If reasonable budget modifications still show a deficit, and even with refinancing many expenses are debt service, bankruptcy may be necessary. Although bankruptcy wipes away some debts and force down interest rates on others, Chapter 11 and 13 plans include inflexible budgets imposed on you by the trustee and court-those plans may or may not work for you.

Living the Budget

Budgets are useless unless followed, and updated for the next month or quarter. This means we must track all cash flow to limit spending to budgeted amounts in each category and to update the budget.

All too often, people find there is much month left at the end of cash in several categories-this is common with groceries and entertainment where multiple payments are made through the month. In the old days, one could divide cash into weekly envelopes, and leave all but the current week's envelope behind when shopping. Unfortunately, this does not work with credit and EBT cards.

Strictly following lists when shopping can prompt thinking about what is spent and why.

A way to mind spending is to divide problem categories into weekly sub-budgets and check weekly allocations before entering a store. Then, carry a calculator-adding prices of everything that goes into a grocery cart; stop buying when the total reaches the allocation less sales tax. This can be done on a cell phone calculator app along with grocery lists kept in a notepad app. Another way is to keep all receipts-even those for a soda or candy bar. Each night, total the receipts and compare to allocation. Alternatively, log on and check balances nightly. Either way, slash spending when weekly allocations run low.

Redoing for Next Month

At month end, revisit the budget in view of tracked expenses. Look for categories with underruns or overruns. Consider each and decide which allocations should be adjusted for the next month. Categories chronically running short may need increases, and seasonal adjustments may be needed. Living a budget tailored to your situation can often bring personal finances under control, letting you raise funds needed for other preps.


Fauci and others propose new lockdowns to control the India/Delta variant of China Lab-Leak virus. Although mutant virus is highly contagious, and infection rates higher in those under 35 than with original virus, death rates seem no worse and may be lower than with original virus. Stop these dictators.


July 5, 2021, 9 p.m. 183,917,197 infected (3,979,459 dead). U.S. 33,718,856 (605,533 dead); India > 30.59 million, Brazil > 18.77 million. In U.S., California > 3.82 million, and Texas > 3.0 million. Colorado 559,534 cases (7,028 dead). Fremont County 6,558 (state) with 158 “variants of concern” including 13 India/Delta, Fremont county site, shows 6,448, 3,221 in community-3,227 in prisons, five in hospitals, 63 dead, 12,564 (excluding prisoners) vaccinated. Neighbors Chaffee 1778, Custer 228, El Paso 73,635, Park 833 Pueblo 19,628, and Teller 1,924.


Vaccine-resistant Peru/Lambda strain being imported by Biden's porous borders.

July 7, 2021, 9 a.m. 184,758,043 infected (3,996,132 dead). U.S. 33,749,287 (605,944 dead); India > 30.66 million, Brazil > 18.86 million. Colorado 559,921 cases (7,051 dead). Fremont County 6,559 (state) with 168 “variants of concern” including 13 India/Delta, Fremont county site, shows 6,455, 3,228 in community-3,227 in prisons, five in hospitals, 63 dead, 12,573 (excluding prisoners) vaccinated. Neighbors Chaffee 1,778, Custer 229, El Paso 73,725, Park 833 Pueblo 19,640, and Teller 1,926.