This 'Grand Old Lady's birthday is and always will be a time of celebrating the birth of this nation. Thanks to the bravery and wisdom of the men who with God's help risked everything so future generations could live free. I didn't forget women; we all know women have been standing with their men since the time of Adam and Eve. In those days; however, women weren't expected to pick up a rifle and fight in the trenches, and men weren't expected to wear skirts and make dinner. Every man, woman and child had a role and they each knew what it was. Most if not, all looked forward to hearing the “Word,” on Sunday, most were reasonably happy with life.

These days nothing is quite that clear. Men want to be women and women want to be men and nobody wants to take on the role of 'Mom.' The Government has happily taken over that role and raised our young girls to believe that being a mom is a mediocre role and that they should demand to be treated like a man. They want to be soldiers, pilots, politicians, anything but a stay-at-home Mom. Those in charge have also made it impossible for families to survive financially unless both parents work full time and often one of them also has to work part-time. Fewer families still insist on sharing the evening meal together and hearing how the day has impacted each of them.Bible reading in the evening has succumbed to the internet, television, the constant pull of outside forces; and church attendance is way down.

Our Grand old Lady is in need of life support on this her 245th birthday! The 'Woke Left,' is taking this country apart brick by brick and they are not getting much opposition from patriots. There are some simple steps that 'We the People,' can take. We can get back to church, get our children in Sunday school. Never allow the government to lockdown our churches again. Do not give the school board or teacher's union free rein to decide what our children will be taught. We can take it upon ourselves to teach our children some true facts about this one and only county where freedom rings. Maybe some of us can enlist the help of grandparents, have a family evening once a week and discuss what is happening in their lives and yours. Tell some stories of relatives, those who have served and sacrificed for this country they love. Be sure your child knows these brave men and women did not die in vain. Be sure they understand these people gave their all so that we could remain free.

This Fourth of July weekend was filled with fireworks, lightshows, parades, and community events in the parks all to celebrate the birth of our nation. One of the most inspirational parades was held in Westcliffe and the theme of the parade was “Restore the 2nd Amendment in Colorado.” As you probably guessed by the theme, firearms were allowed; however, all guns were kept holstered and carried by responsible American Patriots. Mother Nature smiled on the folks of Westcliffe and flags of all sizes fluttered proudly in the gentle breeze. The Sangre de Cristo Mountain range supplied a stunningly beautiful backdrop, and a Sentinel staffer was heard to say, “How could anyone look at that view and not believe in the Lord?”

This parade was not filled with costly floats, but with the citizens of Custer and surrounding counties. Children burst with laughter as they darted in and out of the streams of refreshing cool water being sprayed by fire departments, candies were eagerly gathered by small children curbside. People along the route stood and cheered as our American Flag passed by with Lee Greenwood's “I'm Proud to be an American,” being broadcast from the back of a truck. Believe it or not, a replica of a submarine was seen floating down Main St. Horses of every size and color were on hand to entertain the crowd, the high school marching band, first responders were there in force; even Sheriff Byerly riding on a mule and taking time to converse with bystanders.

There is nothing routine about the Westcliffe “Restore the 2nd Amendment Parade.” This was a well thought out stand for freedom.These rural Colorado children were living 'Pride in America;' they fully understand that Freedom is not free. If you need a big dose of American Spirit and Can-do Attitude, you must go rural Colorado and be willing to push back on the Woke America that would see it all destroyed. Happy Birthday, America and let's bring back "Uncle Sam."

God Bless America If it be Gods Will