We request a current and complete schedule of any and all software upgrades to the election systems of each county in the State of Colorado, to include the Dominion 5.13 upgrade. Please provide the aforementioned information on upgrades already conducted and those yet to be conducted.

As you are aware, there is a growing call for greater transparency in our election processes, and the people of our state - regardless of party affiliation - are increasingly interested in verifiable election information that can be reviewed BY the people, not simply reported TO them after the government audits itself.

The willingness to trust our election process to government audits or to be assuaged by the mantra that Colorado is “the Gold Standard” has clearly evaporated as indications of voting irregularities aggregate throughout our United States. The people of Colorado are the rightful owners of these elections, and their concerns regarding the legitimacy of the reported outcomes must not be disregarded or ignored.

We are confident you agree: transparency is paramount in modern American society to ensure the people willingly offer “consent of the governed.” Therefore, your immediate attention and response to this request is appreciated.

State Representative Ron Hanks

State Representative Dave Williams

State Representative Patrick Neville

State Representative Shane Sandridge

State Representative Kim Ransom