Now that all true patriots have celebrated the Fourth of July with the usual gala fireworks and festivities, maybe it's time we all declare our independence from liberal lunatics once and for all.

It's now time to rely on God's divine intervention and deny and defy the devil and all the liberal lunatics under his influence who are controlling our government.

It means we have to deny any of "Bully Bluto" Biden's clearly unconstitutional executive orders beyond his "presidential" authority. He's supposed to enforce our nation's laws, not create them.

Or please explain to me how the stroke of a pen can eliminate thousands of Keystone XL pipeline and other workers jobs drilling on federal oil and gas leased lands, giving OPEC back its former control over our fast-rising energy prices and every other unconstitutional executive order he has signed since his Jan. 20 inauguration. Biden is simply following in the illegal footsteps of his mentor and current "puppetmaster" Barack Obama.

Our "fake" president claims to be a Catholic and still attends mass. Yet he joins fellow "Catholic in name only" Nancy Dancy to ensure Planned Parenthood gets all the funding it needs to murder more babies in their mothers' wombs to defy the church's tenants and traditions.

Boycotting Biden's phony baloney isn't enough. If all us true Christian conservatives deny and defy all his Trump Derangement Syndrome actions, who is he going to call to stop us?

Is he going to call out the military or police if all those pipeline workers go back to work in defiance of "the pen?"

What will he do if our southern border wall builders showed up to finish the job to keep all those illegals out to protect all of us legals from an insane, inane bane of existence. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has already secured funding to resume wall building along the Texas-Rio Grande border in defiance of the bully pulpit.

Will our beleaguered police and military turn on us by shooting us in an act of defiance against a broke "woke" government?

All we have to do is study Bible history to know that God doesn't sit idle while His chosen people are suffering from dictatorial rule by illegally elected idiots who need to be swallowed up in the D.C. Swamp.

God's Word is the sword of the spirit that needs to be plunged into the hardened hearts of power-hungry progressives bent on destroying America.

Let's find and bind them and never mind the consequences.

Enough is enough! Prayer will call the devil out of his lair and expose the father of all lies (John 8:44). It's our turn to bait and hook all the crooked, corrupt crooks trying to play hookie from our traditional schools of thought.