Colorado State Representatives Hanks, Williams, Neville, Sandridge and Ransom submitted a letter recently to Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold requesting a current and complete schedule of all software upgrades to the election systems in each county in the State of Colorado, to include the Dominion 5.13 upgrade. The representatives requested information on upgrades already conducted and those yet to be conducted.

“The people deserve to know where Colorado stands regarding equipment upgrades and alterations, which would likely affect vital 2020 election information still on the machines,” Rep Ron Hanks (R-Fremont County) said. “Based on my two visits to Maricopa County to observe the Arizona Audit - and the enthusiastic response from the citizens of Colorado - we need to start laying the groundwork for an audit of Colorado's elections by THE PEOPLE. It is no longer acceptable for the government to audit itself, tell us how perfect everything is - then deny the public any opportunity to investigate. No private entity gets to audit itself, then proclaim itself “the gold standard.” The government does not allow citizens to audit their own taxes. Elections belong to the people, and transparency is vital to ensure an honest, responsive government and the 'consent of the governed.'”

Constituents' willingness to trust our election process to government audits or to be assuaged by the mantra that Colorado is “the Gold Standard” has clearly evaporated as indications of voting irregularities aggregate throughout our United States.

"It's clear that radical Democrats like Jena Griswold are doing everything in their power to undermine full forensic audits of our election system,” said Rep Dave Williams (R-Colorado Springs). “These elections belong to the people and all government officials should welcome attempts by independent experts to examine our process so that the people we serve have peace of mind. Rep. Ron Hanks is correct, and the people should be allowed to look under the hood to make sure the engine doesn't need a tune up."

“Transparency is a concept espoused the entire political spectrum, but what we currently see from the Colorado Secretary of State is not transparency, and citizens are growing tired of lip-service,” said Representative Hanks. “Fulfilling this request in a timely fashion would be a good first-step in rebuilding the citizens' confidence.”