Just like during a hurricane, the waves of fear and hate are washing over this country at an alarming pace. This culture of fear and hatred was blown in by the same ill wind that allowed the rogue Biden/Harris administration to gain their foothold in the White House. The far left and even some treasonous rightwing folks have been spinning this destructive web of deceit with one goal in mind: the demise of American Freedom.

Have no doubt America is under attack and America is teetering on the brink of destruction. This is not an in-your-face war with bombers blowing up buildings or soldiers marching in the streets. This is not a war being waged to uphold honor or dearly held beliefs and principles. This is a cowardly attack being launched by cowardly people. Anti-American assailants, people who would destroy us while pretending to have our best interest at heart. Make no mistake this enemy is cunning and patient. They have been slowly infiltrating our educational system for years, teaching our children a twisted view of American history even before CRT reared its ugly head. They would have our innocent children believe this nation was built on the backs of slaves when in reality this is 'One Nation Under God.' When the Pilgrims made that perilous journey to America, they were not thinking about building a nation with slave labor. In fact, many of them were indentured slaves themselves. The Pilgrims took the enormous risk of crossing the ocean with one thought in mind; they were seeking religious freedom, the right to speak and think for themselves. In other words, they put it all on the line for Freedom.

When that freedom was challenged these brave early Americans remembered living under the rule of the Crown; they knew they would have to make sacrifices, blood would be shed but freedom had to be protected. As Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty or Give me Death,” fortunately for us these brave men and women chose liberty and the original 'tea party' signaled the fight for freedom was on.

Fighting against insurmountable odds the sturdy Americans settlers claimed victory and America began to grow. Then came the Civil War, a fact that is overlooked by the new Marxist regime.

They shout from the rafters about slavery in our country and yes, it is an ugly fact in our history. Slavery had indeed become a large part of the South's way of life. It was wrong and freedom loving white folks understood that slavery could not be allowed to live on in our country. It was in direct opposition to the supposition that 'All Men are Created Equal,' this was a belief that pitted brother against brother, and father against son. The only armed combat ever to be fought on American soil, the Civil War. If you ask the man on the street what the Civil War was about and where it was fought, most of them haven't a clue. They haven't heard a lot about John Brown's Cave or the underground railroad, the fight to abolish slavery are all being excluded as this devilish regime rewrites our America history. We will not hear much about the successful men and women of color who play leading roles in every aspect of American life. Black and White have worked tirelessly side by side to make this happen.

Now the torch has been handed to our generation, the shame will be on all of us if we let this culture of fear and hate destroy American freedom. This war is being fought with words; the power of the word should never be taken for granted. These Anti-American people have taken advantage of the China virus, the so-called pandemic to lock down our free society. No school, no church, businesses closed, many not even able to visit their elderly loved ones as they died alone in nursing homes that had been intentionally infected. Never ones to let a good crisis go to waste, they seized the moment. Mandates began to be flung at us by the hundreds. Mask had to be worn, stay six feet apart, no hugging, no hand shaking, no family dinners, no fighting to protect your way of life. Stay inside and watch as the rioters burn our cities, killing anyone that got in their way even children. The culture of fear had taken hold, the citizens had been divided, afraid to congregate, afraid to step outside, a fear of everything had taken root, too many people took the bait and cowered inside like turtles crawling into their shells. Simply not the American Way.

That was only the beginning of this well-planned attack on liberty and freedom. Next, they began to spread their message of hate, meant to divide and conquer. Remember a house divided cannot long stand. The campaign to spread hatred and divide this nation is now in full throttle. A message of hate is being taught in our schools and spread by an under-control media. If anyone dares to dispute their claims they are banned from social media. Freedom of the press has become a farce along with freedom of speech. CRT has taken hold in our schools being fanned by an Anti-American teachers union. They are indoctrinating our future generation to hate America, to hate our flag, to hate their parents, to hate each other, to hate themselves. They are teaching our children to hate and fear one another based solely on the color of their skin. The media is totally under the control of this Anti-American government, and they are spreading this false image of America. They are using the power of the word to destroy our country.

We must spring up from the depths of this cultural sea of fear and hate like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes. We must use the power of speech against them. Talk to your children, your school board, attend community meetings and speak out. Let them know we will not allow for another bogus third world style election to steal our freedom. Make sure they know they cannot take our country from us with words. If they want this country, they will have to make some sacrifices and maybe even shed some blood. We were born free, and we will fight to stay free if that is what it takes.

In God We Trust