Congressman Doug Lamborn attended a pro-life roundtable, hosted by Bishop Golka and leadership from the Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs. Those in attendance discussed the various ways they are partnering with other pro-life organizations to provide counseling, post-abortion healing, and long-term care for expectant mothers, children (born and unborn), and families in the Pikes Peak region. Since being elected into office, Congressman Lamborn has been a champion for the unborn, and worked on dozens of pro-life legislation initiatives in his role as the Co-Chair of the Values Action Team and the House Pro-life Caucus.

“I was glad to meet with so many members of the pro-life community in Colorado Springs,” said Congressman Lamborn. “These community conversations are crucial as we continue to promote pro-life initiatives that protect the most vulnerable in our society and advance priorities that strengthen family values. One of the greatest tragedies of our time has been the millions of children aborted every year in America. I have a staunch pro-life record and will continue to be one of the leading champions and advocates for life in the entire Congress. I'm grateful for the leadership of Bishop Golka and his wonderful team for hosting this timely, much-needed conversation.”

“As a new Bishop to the Diocese of Colorado Springs, and a new resident to Colorado, I was heartened to see and hear so many positive offerings in the pro-life efforts for our region,” said Bishop James R. Golka. “I am excited to continue working with our elected officials, such as Congressman Lamborn, and other religious denominations so that we might move forward in respecting human life at all stages of life. I pledge my support to this important work.”

The roundtable included many community members as well as representatives from local non-profit organizations such as: Life Network, Pikes Peak Citizens for Life, Project Rachel, Students for Life, Sidewalk Advocates for Life and City of Life.

During the visit, Congressman Lamborn honored Bishop Michael Sheridan, in his retirement, after decades of service to perishers in the Colorado Springs community and across the nation. Congressman Lamborn presented Bishop Sheridan with a Congressional Record, recognizing his dedication to the protecting the sanctity of life, caring for the poor and most vulnerable, and his steadfast, unwavering faith in God.