In the July 25, 2022, meeting, upon motion by Mr. Albrecht, seconded by Mr. Near and passed unanimously, the School Board is concluding the process of establishing a Transgender Policy, File: AC-E3. The Board has not provided this policy to parents for comment, and final passage and adoption is expected on August 8, 2022, unless parents, by some miracle, can have their voices heard.

Please, contact GraceAnn Pitner prior to the August 8 meeting at

The policy creates a right for staff and students to discuss gender identity and expression with students of any age.

“Transgender and gender-nonconforming students and staff have the right to discuss and express their gender identity and expression openly and to decide when, with whom, and how much to share private information.”

Where I come from this is called grooming, and in the past severe penalties were imposed on the “groomers.”

The policy says “To the extent possible, schools should reduce or eliminate the practice of segregating students by gender.” If you think it is OK for your daughter to stand naked if front of a boy who calls himself a girl and yet is “strongly attracted” to girls, then this policy is for you.

The policy says “All students shall be permitted to participate in physical education classes and intramural sports in a manner consistent with their gender identity.” Perhaps we should express our heartfelt thanks to the School Board for destroying girl's athletics.

And if you think your parental rights will be respected, then read this. “The school is aware that in some cases, notifying parents/guardians carries risks for the student and potential for mental health challenges” and “The school will respect a student's gender identity and expression…Parental permission is not required.”

If you find this proposed policy objectionable, an infringement on parent's rights for the sake of wokeness, show up at the Aug. 8 meeting in the District Office next to the middle school and let your voices be heard.


Rick Castor, Chairman