Many important issues are on the upcoming ballot, one of them being 6a and 6b, the proposal for a new recreation center.

Taking a closer look at the needs of this community, a new recreation center is not one of them.

Some points to take into consideration are:

• There are a significant number of people that are barely surviving economically, even if they live in apartment, you can count on the owner raising their rent to meet the property tax increase.

• Property taxes had taken a huge increase last year due to the market.

• The rate of inflation has continued to skyrocket as well as fuel prices.

• With the dramatic increase in building materials, are we even sure what this recreation center is going to cost us as well as staffing and operational expenses?

• You are penalizing the homeowners with the ticket to build and operate this recreation center AND NO guarantee property taxes won't go up in the future!

• If approved, homeowners are writing a “blank check” to get this recreation center built.

• Many other examples here in Canon City that would benefit the community include:

Storm drains

Sidewalks on every street that meet ADA requirements

Better road conditions in every neighborhood

If our goal is to attract new families, we need to focus on establishing better paying jobs in the region, not building a new recreation center.

Has anyone looked into using marijuana tax money and/or grants to help with the costs of building this recreation center?

Finally, I do believe that funding could be better spent on community issues rather than a recreation center.

Cheryl Beumer

Cañon City