Our new Marxist/Totalitarian government are now trying to fill the roll of Mom and Dad. Take a stroll down memory lane back to the days of your childhood. Remember the response you would get from Mom and or Dad when you ask questions they did not wish to answer, “Because I said so,” end of story no further explanation would be given. At least when we were shut down by our parents, we knew it was done with love and a desire to protect us; not so with this rogue administration that has cheated their way into power. They only have one visible goal and that is to destroy America and all conservative patriots.

Liberals shouted to the top of their lungs for four years that Donald Trump was not our legitimate President. They spent huge sums of taxpayer dollars trying to prove their claims shining a light so bright on all Trump family members and anyone associated with the Trump's that not even a Hostess Twinkie could have gotten in the shadows. Four years of wasting taxpayer dollars, spreading lies with the help of the fake media and they could not provide one single shred of evidence to back up their bogus claims. Even so, if a conservative dares to suggest that the past election was riddled with fraud, you are instantly labeled as an election denier among other not so nice names. The left offers no proof simply because they have none; they are basking in the delusion that they cannot be stopped. No questions will be entertained from the peanut gallery; only those questioners who have been fully vetted by Joe's handlers and given a list of approved questions will be allowed to speak. A word to the wise, every dog has its day, and every day has an end. 2022 is now visible on the horizon, the light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter.

We need all patriots to continue to stand against the mandates and destructive orders that will be coming with a new desperation in the next few months as the destroyers see the end is in sight. Continue to say no to vaccines that have been shown not to be that effective unless you personally wish to be vaccinated. Help to protect our children by attending school board meetings and speaking out policies and agendas you see as destructive to our little people insist on STEM courses, S-Science, T-Technology, E- English, and M-Math. You don't have to be a current parent to speak out, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. those of us who are retired can step up and help the working parents who can't always make the meetings. Remind the School Board Members that “We the People,” put them in office, and “We the People,” can vote them out. They owe their allegiance to us not the Teachers Union.

The Biden administration has made known its intent to label parents as domestic terrorists. This is not only reprehensible and disgusting, but it shows how desperate these anti-American people are to gain control of our children's minds. They understand that our children will be determining the future of America. They know our children are our most precious treasure and they will pull out all the stops in an attempt to shut parents out, to actually convince our children that we are the enemy. It is up to us to be sure our children are aware of all the destruction this illegitimate administration has visited upon our country in a few short months. The education system and the Chinese controlled media will not inform them of the shameful disgrace of leaving our people and allies behind in Afghanistan, leaving a wealth of our best military equipment to fall into the hands of those who are responsible for the death and disabling of so many American men and women, the death of so many elderly nursing home patients, deaths that could have and should have been avoided. Our children need to hear the truth about the effect of allowing illegal immigrants to cross our borders, many of them criminals who will harm our citizens, many are ill and will spread diseases, the untold cost of shutting down the pipeline. The extreme damage done to our economy, the outcome of defunding law enforcement and allowing murderous criminals to go free, and the list goes on and on. Talk to your children!

(The 11th Commandment: Thou Shall Be Held Accountable)

Stay strong and keep the faith, the end is in sight. The 2022 elections will be our chance to start the taking back of America. Our one true President Donald J. Trump will once again restore this great God Loving nation to its former glory. We must be sure the elections are free of massive fraud and the voice of the people is heard. Rep. Ron Hanks is running for Senate to replace the appointed Democrat Senator Bennett. Rep. Hanks deserves your vote, he is the real deal. A man who will stand alongside of President Trump and fight to restore this nation. He has earned our respect and shown beyond a doubt that he has the courage and personal integrity to stand strong in the face of threats. This is still the greatest country on Earth, and that is proven by the millions of people dying to get in. We are a great nation, but our Justice Dept. has been corrupted. We will be seeing the coming of the 11th Commandment: Thou shall be held accountable. Goodness knows there is no lack of people who will be facing that commandment.

II Chronicles 7:14 Pray for our Nation.