Biden's Regime is guilty of orders and mandates that are obviously illegal, unethical, immoral and unconstitutional. A planned assault on our country reached dangerous levels after a lab manipulated “virus” was weaponized and spread throughout the world resulting in millions of deaths. The magic “vaccine” was fast tracked (actually it was ready long ago). Panic and fear got many eager takers early on. Then pressure was ramped up with ever more reports of crowded hospitals, sickness and deaths. Seniors were crowded into nursing homes to cause more deaths and fear. Now the hold outs are threatened with lawsuits, firing, prison, isolation, loss of ability to travel or even go to stores to buy necessities. Sounds almost like it's leading up to the mark of the beast. I didn't think it was possible until now to get so many to comply with tyrannical orders and mandates.

I heard of a person trying to get on a plane with a fake vax card and was told it would not work because the real cards contained tracking information. With high tech cell phones, injections and other means, big brother will track you wherever you go. The next insult is spying even more on bank accounts and questioning any transaction of $600 or more. We are rapidly losing our freedoms in so many ways, and many people cannot see it coming. Do they think they will escape by pretending not to notice the evil agenda planned for us? They may suffer even more because they refuse to plan and prepare for what's coming. Why are Liberals like a herd of animals willing to let their owner place a big yellow tag in their ear so they can be identified?

Looking at things with clear eyes, we know that God did not create us to be governed and controlled by satanic entities. He gave us free will to follow Him as Lord of our lives and to live with Him in a heavenly home He has prepared for us. We seek truth, analyze situations and refuse to give in to plots that lead us down destructive paths. We look at all sides of an issue to determine what is right and good for us and our fellowman, not what a political party is pushing. If you have a serious medical condition as I do, you discuss treatments with your doctor. You do your best to follow those directions, but if your condition worsens, you change course and do something different. You do not keep doing the same thing. It seems that Democrats and other radicals including some RINOs refuse to face reality. They have lost the ability to think clearly and do the right thing. Medical schools teach specific protocols to treat certain issues and diseases. Big Pharma exerts far too much influence, and I've often seen patients suffer greatly under treatments, literally tortured at very high cost until they die. People are afraid to deviate from those treatments as they trust their doctor. Biden's grossly expensive policies are like a cancer destroying everything he touches. Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm, but Biden and his handlers are poisoning the country. I heard that 31 percent of people approve of his job. Who are they and where do they live? Are they asleep all day or just sleep walking?

President Trump gave an inspiring speech in Iowa which gave us hope in the face of Biden's gloom and darkness. He spoke truth about the way things are and the way they should be. We know what needs to be done to bring this country back to Christian values and prosperity, but with incompetent destructive leaders it just won't happen. We must find ways to stop this puppet and his wrecking ball soon.

Since Democrats refuse to face facts, I'd like to ask them some questions: Why did Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline? How did that benefit us? Do you like drug and sex traffickers pouring over our southern border? Why would you allow yourself to be injected with an experimental toxin that has only emergency approval when there is no emergency? Why would you want to defund police when we desperately need protection? Are you OK with turning felons loose to rape, murder and pillage again? Do you really want religious institutions to be persecuted? They are major peace keepers! Remember, your family is vulnerable too. I think most Christians feel the dark cloud hanging over us. It seems hard to even get a breath of fresh air at times. In my 80s now, I greatly appreciate honest people who keep their promises. As Christians we are identified by God's word in our hearts and not by physical marks.