You can't Mandate Respect

This illegitimate destructive government has now crossed a couple of very serious lines. They have been unsuccessful in bullying Americans into submitting to the Covid vaccine so now they will try to get their way by using force. The Anti-American Biden regime is making it very clear… “No more freedom in America.” It is now Biden's way or the highway. He will now force patriotic individuals to choose between the vaccine or the ability to provide for their families. In a second misguided step, he has decided to criminalize Moms and Dads who object to the indoctrination of their children in our public schools; schools financed with our public tax dollars. One concession on Joe's behalf as we wish to give credit where credit is due. An area in which you truly excel should be mentioned. Mr. Biden, you have shown you can lead the pack when it comes to pointing the finger of blame. You blame Trump, Covid, Patriots and never own a single mistake but Beijing Joe, you need to take off those oh so cool aviator shades, unsquint your baby blues, and take a long hard look at the guy in the mirror. A cold hard fact: you can't mandate respect. Respect must be earned. Example, President Donald J. Trump.

Really, Fake Media, is this what you envisioned when you colluded with the Socialist/Communists to ensure that Hunter Biden's shameful past was not disclosed. The depravation of the man's soul which was made painfully clear in undeniable video. One day you will be held to account for the role your industry played in this full out attack on the United States of America. The same question should be asked of Democrats and Liberals who have allowed their once respected party and ideology to be exploited by the freedom haters of this world. You have some leaders left in your party, Manchin, and Cinema, have shown the backbone to stand up against the squad and others who would destroy the Democrat Party. A questions that demands an answer is this did Democrats ever believe it would come to this? Our own government sending the Fed's after parents who stand up for the rights of their children. A father being violently thrown to the floor and handcuffed over demanding justice for his 14-year-old daughter who was raped in the school bathroom by a fake transgender and officials who wished only to cover up their own complicity? Just so we are clear on this issue, this is not a judgement against transgender people, this is a call out on those depraved perverts who are being allowed to exploit transgender people with their false claims.

The Hunter Crime family has been taken buy outs from foreign powers for so long that Joe is no longer in a position to stand strong for America even if he wanted to. Mr. Biden is so deep in the pocket of Communist China he is now under the lint. If he ever had a moral compass, it no longer exists. The controlled leader of our once free country stumbles to the podium issues a few well scripted mandates then in an epic show of his disdain for the American people he presents his backside and arrogantly walks away ignoring the public he would now try to rule, not represent. We should not be surprised that this rogue regime would now try to use force on the American public. Biden is being led by Communist China a country that is expert in keeping its people submissive by any means necessary. The aspect of our children starving does not reach their level of concern. However, China and other not free societies do not have an understanding of what freedom means to patriotic Americans. When you threaten the well-being of our children you are rattling the cage of the beast.

How ironic that Virginian parents should be the ones to signal the battle call and remind us of our roots. Red blooded Americans have fought for this country before, and they will do it again if they are pushed to the wall. It is doubtful that we could find a family here in Fremont County that has not borne the loss of a family member or who are not living with the painful physical disabilities of a loved one. We have all sacrificed too much to let our beloved America fall under the leadership of the demented Biden regime.

Those who walk with God always reach their destination."