We've got a lot of problems up on Capitol Hill; These politicians are doing things against our will. They're shoving things right down our throat, All against the constitution our forefathers wrote.

We need to get ready to stand up and fight; We've got to change things and make them right. We need to do it the non-violent way; We've got to make these liberal politicians pay.

We need someone to protect our Bill of Rights; Someone who's not afraid to stand up to the fights. We need a person who's honest and true; So when they get elected they'll remember me and you.

We have some good people here in Fremont County; People who want to serve us, not just for the bounty. Make sure you pick the ones that will serve us well; If you don't do your homework only time will tell.

So as I close this poem I hope that you will see; If we want to keep our State, it's up to you and me. So don't slack off now, keep up the pace; And this November help these people win their race.

Our nation is in serious trouble and our number one concern should be our children. Parents no longer have a voice in their children's education, and when they try to share their concerns they are labeled domestic terrorists and put under F.B.I. watch. Our education system is no longer a place to educate our children on true American history and develop them to be good citizens with skills and trades to make a living and be productive workers. Instead it is an indoctrination center to divide, separate and teach hate and racism through C.R.T. God created the human race, male and female period, and our schools are trying to destroy that fact, and not allowing the parents to have a voice or even know what they are teaching(gender preference) starting with kindergarten.

This election is very critical in our local school board elections, we must know who we are voting for and what their stance is on these two issues. If we get the wrong people on our school boards, our children are lost and so is our nation and our Christian way of life.

Thing to ponder from the old cowboy preacher; We've let the village raise our kids too long, it's time for the parents to do their job, and we need to back them.

The Old Cowboy Preacher Jerry Canterbury