I have always been a little skeptical about polling data gathered as it is really easy to cheat and slant poll results and gee, we all know the democrats have no problem with cheating and stealing things, now don't we? LOL! However, polls can provide you a good glimpse of who those friendly to our way of life and our way of thinking are, and who the enemies of America are… I was recently looking at a new national poll indicating that Joe Biden's standing among Americans remains well underwater.

Outside of sycophant American commie versions of Pravda like CNN and MSNBC the rest of America realizes that our current person in charge is either completely incompetent and weak kneed, or purely evil and hates us average citizens more with each passing day.

Here are just a few of the facts about the first 10 months under Biden Communism. Our Borders are completely out of control, with tens of thousands of ILLEGAL immigrants streaming into our Sovereign country under the guise of humanitarianism. Although I wonder if they were all going to vote Republican, how many of them would be able to get a free pass into the United States under the scummacrats? Any guesses Crusader readers? I am going to give you three guesses, but I am pretty sure you are only going to need one, LOL!

Biden ordered our tail between our legs evac from Afghanistan leaving Americans, working dogs and American allies stranded in the country along with $55 billion in American Military hardware including hundreds of thousands of guns and hundreds of millions of dollars in ammunition…Gee and here at home Biden and this liberal democrat ilk continue to push and advocate for gun control measures that infringe on out God Given 2nd Amendment rights! Perhaps some of you reading my articles find this to be extremely hypocritical?

Anyone you know having difficulty buying or ordering things because the shelves are getting barer and barer? How many ships are floating dead stick off the coast of California because they have run out of fuel circling and idling waiting to get unloaded at the crowded docks? All this at the same time one of the major problems of this horrendous logjam of goods and commodities was caused by new California New Green Deal emissions regulations not allowing truck transports thru their commie state by over the road trucks that are more than 5-years-old! What kind of dipshit idiot person would allow that to continue and make all Americans have to suffer the consequences of higher prices and scarcer supplies? A good commie Democrat one that's who!

I just soooo love paying over a dollar more per gallon of gas every time I fill up because our domestic enemies, the democrats shut down our pipelines and do everything they can possibly do to take away our energy independence and weaken our country on a global level.

Now let's look at what Biden and the IRS have planned for all of us in one of the most sinister democrat proposals of all time. First of all, Biden has hired another 87,000 IRS agents with the sole purpose of allegedly sniffing out rich tax cheats and making them pay their own fair share. Gee, you don't need the IRS for that, just look at what that scumbag John Kerry has been doing his entire life to avoid taxes, LOL! Buying expensive summer homes and $100 million cruise ships while purposely registering them in neighboring states to get out of paying the taxes on them! Gee, what a great hypocrite democrat role model, LOL!

So if Biden and the democrats get their way, starting Jan. 1, 2022, EVERY single transaction of $600 or more out of your bank account will go right to the IRS for their scrutiny and no doubt an investigation into your finances. That is but a few of the evils of having liberal democrats in charge of anything more important than a toaster, LOL!

Now let's get to those latest poll results so you can see who your enemies really are.

Just 37 percent of Americans questioned in a Quinnipiac University survey say they approve of the job Biden's doing as president, with 52 percent giving him a thumbs down. The poll was conducted Oct. 15-18 and released on Tuesday.

Adding to Biden's political peril, just 28 percent of registered independents give Joe Biden a thumbs up on his job performance, while 56 percent do not. The Quinnipiac survey indicated that Republicans, by a 95 percent-3 percent margin, disapproved of how Joe Biden's handling his duties in the White House, with Democrats approving 80 percent-11 percent.

Eighty percent of commie democrats approve of how Biden is running our country into the ground.