A majority of Americans believe there was election fraud in 2020. I have no doubt there was. Even with Fake News pushing their false narratives, the truth about the fraud has broken through the veil of lies.

This 2021 election cycle is at risk for fraud as well, and any evidence we can capture from this election may provide significant intelligence on the intent and operations of the criminal fraud network. There are multiple scenarios that could be revealed, and any evidence we gather will tighten the noose.

Ballots have been mailed. If you receive ballots for anyone other than the registered voters at your household, secure the ballot - don't throw it away - and reach out to my team at (719) 401- 0486.

Discuss the situation with the volunteer responding to your report, then determine how to handle the ballot so it will not be misused.

This is an easy way for honest citizens concerned about election fraud to help America clean up the system and ensure every valid vote is counted. No eligible voter should ever be disenfranchised by irregularities or fraud.

In Liberty & In God We Trust,

Ron Hanks

Colorado State Representative

Candidate U.S. Senate

(719) 401-0486