I'm sure you can think of more, but I have made a list of some of the words we used to describe various objects - from people to things in our yard, our cupboards and in our heads!

Thingamajiggee: (thing-a-ma-jig-gee_ Anything you couldn't name right away but by pointing at it, indicate what you were talking about).

Lallapalooza - A super-duper thingamajiggee

Toe Jam - the stuff between your toes in the morning, or derogatory remark about someone. (Almost as bad as POS).

Walking on air - as opposed to astronaut (which we never heard of) extreme happiness

Allakazam - magical phrase similar to “Open Sesame” as in Aladdin and the Forty Thieves, which most young people have never heard of either.

Toady - a spy, an underling, a follower without thought, a fall man,

All done in - Extreme tiredness from a very hard job or extreme stress

Darkie - An African American, Somalian, Dominican Republican, Liberian and Mexican (excuse me: Latino),

Shyster - as in someone who wants to take advantage of you

Watchamacallit - can be the name of a person *forgotten* or a thing, bug, etc.

Bad Blood - referring to your ancestors which you inherited tendencies toward criminality or the animosity for one person for another - enemies

Shape up or ship out! - correct your attitude, actions or attire to conform to the standard at the time

Piece of Cake - easy peasy - no sweat - - a job, chore or convincing someone else to your liking

What's your name? - Puddin' Tame, ask me again and I'll tell you the same!

What's your name? - John Brown, ask me again and I'll knock you down!

Mother Goose - The beloved books of rhyme for children, such as: “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jumped over the candlestick.” Lessons in life. “Jack & Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after.”

Jack was used in many ways: Jack him up - tell him to hurry! Jack of all trades - a handyman, Balling the Jack - a musical composition, Jack the Ripper - a murderer in early England who used a knife to murder young women walking along the streets.

Fairy Tales - Aesop's Fables - Once Upon a Time - Stories for young children, read to by their parents

Gay - Happy, delighted, carefree - a happy attitude about life.

Queer - person with sexual preferences which do not follow the normal man-woman tendencies or pedophiles, etc.

Joe, java - coffee

Dumb as a stump - rather non-intellectual

Dolly, cutie, honey, lovey, baby, etc. - terms of endearment showing masculine superiority?

Commune- Living in a community of free spirits (usually self-sufficient for a while)

Bonnie & Clyde- A couple who went on a crime spree, murder and theft

Most people had a nickname: Tiny, Fats, Stony,

Stretch, Mac, Spike, Red, Molly, Meg, Tom, Bob, etc.

Toodle-oo - Goodbye, Adios, so-long

Toodle oo

Until we meet again -