I tried to take a timeout from all the bad news infiltrating and proliferating all across America this past month.

If I stopped reading about or watching the news on TV, I figured I couldn't get too depressed or despondent over the daily deterioration of our country under the worst presidential administration America has ever seen or could possibly imagine.

I could instead watch the MLB playoffs even though I have no real rooting interests in any of the playoff teams as a Rockies fan.

College and pro football games are in full swing although the Broncos have shown their true colors in recent weeks after showing false promise by beating up on cellar dwellers the first three games.

As a 26-year Phoenix, Ariz., area resident who used to attend many Arizona Cardinals games (back when ticket prices weren't so outrageous,) I'm happy to see they are off to such a great start.

I also root for Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen as a former Wyoming star since that's my alma mater, class of 1969.

I also served as tour guide for my son Darryl and his family when they came to Trinidad for a three-day visit recently from their metro Phoenix area home (Surprise).

So my hiatus from the bad news has meant that no news is good news if you boycott all the news unfit to listen to or read about.

Unfortunately, as a career journalist with nearly 43 years in the newspaper business, my nose, ears and eyes for news can only go so long unabated.

All Americans have to keep asking ourselves how much worse can it get under a president, vice president and Demoncratically-controlled Congress who are all trying to float us down a boulder-infested river of no return, upstream without a paddle.

All of us born-again Bible-believing Christians who believe Jesus could come back at any time to redeem his church at least have hope that the more chaotic it gets, the sooner He returns.

God is not sitting idle on His throne in heaven watching millions of people suffer through one crisis after another to see how much more political and economic abuse we can take.

Remember, God finally convinced Moses to lead his people out of Egyptian bondage, Lot out of Sodom and Gomorrah and Noah out of the flood.

Until such time as we're rescued from the world's insanity and "woke" culture, the best thing all of us can do is just ignore anything Bluto Biden or Frosty Fauci mandates us to do since they have no legal authority to control any of us and just make President Trump our commander-in-chief again.

While Biden can barely draw flies and locusts to any of his public appearances, Trump continues to pack arenas at every rally he holds, acting more presidential than Biden could even dream of or have the prophet Daniel interpret for him. His poll numbers continue to descend into the Shark Tank no matter how they're crunched.

Biden resigning or being forced out as president gives us the prospect of do-nothing, know nothing foot-in-mouth disease Kamala Obamala being declared president.

Talk about going from the frying pan into the fires of hell, we would all have to start packing our bags.

Problem is there are no safe havens in the world anymore outside of Switzerland. Climbing every mountain in Switzerland would be safer than a Kackling Kamala presidency.

I have learned the past month that ignoring the news won't make it go away. Our apathy will only mean that someday, the lunatics will be coming after all of us, when their mandates begin to manhandle our freedoms and birth rights.

Sean Hannity's recent best seller "Live Free or Die," should best sum up out attitude of gaining altitude with Jesus if all else fails. If Jesus delays or tarries, we're all going to eventually be sunk into the Washington swamp full of snakes and crocodiles.