When “Leaders” of a nation reject God's wisdom, endorse and support all manner of sin and persecute Christians, they become incapable of governing due to their own willful blindness. How can they deny God who gives them their very life and expect to succeed? Scripture tells us that Satan can appear as an angel of light. Once you're drawn into his sphere of influence with other deceived followers, things that seemed good can quickly produce misery and death. The whole world seems to be waking up and watching devastation wrought by a fragile, manipulated puppet hatched from a stolen election. Protecting this ghost of “Dark Winter” must be exhausting even for those who agree with his twisted ideas. Those obscene salaries and bribes are hard to resist: makes it easier to lie and cover his blunders.

Sad times have come to America, but we should not lose hope or quit fighting for truth to prevail. I believe the Globalist killers will be exposed along with their sympathizers. As long as they retain ill-gotten power, much will be hidden. It's a game they've played for decades. Deceived people are caught in endless webs of deception. Take a good look at some of those mini dictators fomenting hate and divisions. Would you have voted for them? Don't you wonder how they got there?

President Trump tried hard to drain the swamp. I doubt he knew how deep and filthy it is. We must wake up and vote these destroyers out of office. If we aren't willing to do our part, we will live (or die) with consequences of fearful compliance with toxic injections. There are many scientists and medical professionals willing to risk harm from a tyrannical government to get the truth to you. If you want to find good information, you can. It takes more effort and time, but your life may depend on it. When someone tells me they're following science, I'm tempted to ask them which brand that might be. We've seen the horrors of the political one and want no part of it. Who will be held responsible for suffering humanity and carnage left in its wake? Were they all just following orders? Who gave the orders? No government has the right to force its citizens to submit to toxic inoculations that injure and kill. That's why I and millions of others are outraged at the presumption of Biden Regime to inflict genocide on our people! Following government illegal mandates are no better than saying “I was only following orders” like the excuses heard at Nazi trials.

I believe that before we make any decisions big or small, we should go before the Lord and seek wisdom and guidance. We should not be led by fear or allow anyone to coerce us into doing what we feel is wrong. It's so much easier to ask for guidance first than to mop up the mess we make later. In 1992, my husband, Joe, had a heart attack followed by open heart surgery. He was not expected to live a long life after that. I prayed to God for his life and was reminded of a scripture in 2 Kings:20 about King Hezekiah who was told by the Prophet Isaiah that he should put his house in order because he was about to die. The King prayed earnestly to God to spare his life. God heard his prayers, saw his tears and gave him 15 more years of life. I thought that was a wonderful story so I asked God to give Joe 15 more years, and please more besides. It has been 29 years and we'll celebrate his 84th birthday in November. We are thankful every day. Life is precious at all stages. That's why it's heartbreaking to watch the slaughter of infants, and now, the blatant murder of all ages with lethal unnecessary injections. I say “leave our children alone.” How many people realize that the variant they use to scare us comes from vaxxed people? They were injected with it. Like I said, truth is out there, but we must search for it.

The battle between good and evil goes on, and we cannot give up. We pray for Divine Intervention Even if men fail, God is always there.

“When a man knows the right thing to do and does not do it, he sins.” James 4:17.