You°«ve probably seen the colorful brochure distributed by the REC Royal Gorge Area? It looks like fun, but what are you willing to pay for it? A phone conversation with Kyle Horne, the Designated Election Official for Ballot Issues 6A and 6B provided the following information on 6A and 6B.

Ballot Issue A

Operating Mill Levy proposes 3.5 mills would be collected in addition to the existing 3.533 mills for a total of 7.033 mills for operations of the District. The new mills will start being collected in 2022. This additional 3.5 mills cannot increase unless a resolution is approved by voters. Operations includes staff salaries, parks, trails, office space, insurance, equipment, tools, building maintenance, etc. Even with the new facility, the current building located on Ash Street will continue at the District°«s office. The entire mill levy will continue as long as the District is in operation.

Ballot Issue B

General Obligation Bond approval is being sought by the District for new debt derived from the issuance and payment of general obligation bonds of $30 million. The disclosure in the Issue states the °»net effective interest rate not to exceed 4 percent,°… which complies with the Tabor worst-case-scenario requirement. The actual interest on the bonds is projected to be 2.5 percent. The term of the bonds is calculated for 30 years (Tabor worst-case scenario). The District is expecting the term to be 25 years. The Notice of Election states the °»taxes (can) be increased up to $1.94 million annually.°… A schedule of payments is not available at this time. The mill levy to meet the expected annual payment is 6.227. There is no cap (limitation) to this mill levy. It will rise to whatever is necessary to make the payment. Keep your wallets open.

The overall mill levy request for Issue A and B is 9.727. With the existing mill levy of 3.522 mills, property owners in the CCAM Rec and Park District would be paying a mill levy of 13.249, an INCREASE IN TAXES OF 276 percent to the District.

Now, Calculate your tax if 6A and 6B pass.


Property Assessed Value (see your tax notice) $20,000

Mill Levy (CC Rec) 13.249 mills X .013249

Tax amount due CaŹę–on City Recreation $264.98

COMPARE to County Property Tax

Property Assessed Value (see tax notice) $20,000

Mill Levy (Fremont County) 12.34 mills X .01234

Property Tax in Fremont County $246.80

Notice the difference?

Compare the services you receive from the County vs. the Recreation District.

This essentially is the same amount as the County Property Tax

VOTE No on 6A and 6B.

Tom and Connie Goodwin

Cañon City