Did you feel the earth shake as Heavens Gates opened and God called home an extraordinary man? Well, I felt it in every fiber of my being. That extraordinary man was my heart and soul for a little more than 54 years. That is a long time in Earth years. Of course, we know in our minds that we all belong to God, but our hearts still fight to hold on. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying he was a Saint, but he was as close as a mortal man can be.

John served as an acolyte in his church until he joined the military. He was proud to have served in Vietnam even though that service took a heavy toll on his physical body. No need to explain because the many people who knew and loved him were very aware of the pain he lived with however, he seldom mentioned it. All the hardships never stopped my husband from taking care of me and our children. Actually, he also found room in his heart for two adopted children and twenty-three foster children. John never stopped believing or trying to make a better day for those he loved. John was a man of God; he knew where to find his strength and so do I.

My life will never be the same, but I will turn to God for comfort and strength; he has blessed me and my family with so many loving friends who have stood beside us through so many struggles as John has fought numerous illnesses so valiantly. We were blessed also to have the help of St. Thomas More. The staff has been so very kind, caring and compassionate during this time of heartache. Dr. Fitzpatrick and Bresnahan even made time to call on a daily basis to keep me updated when I could not see or speak with John. When they knew the end was near, they allowed myself and my grandson to enter the ICU and be with our loved one in those final hours. It was a huge help meeting the Doctors and nurses, other caregivers who had been with John during his final days. Just knowing that they had sat with him and held his hand when I could not gives me great peace.

Thank you to this wonderful community and all the love we feel, keep us in your prayers we need all the strength we can find. God Bless us all.

John Penezic



Rest in Peace